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Summer Fashion Lookbook

Hello everyone!! I didn’t expect my first styling video to be about masks, but Elisha (my boyfriend) and I have been making masks for donations, and I have had several styles to play with. A strange lookbook for strange times, am I right? I hope you get some good ideas from this video!

Black Mask


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My Apple iPad Charger Catches Fire


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Breakfast David Gandy at the Displace of David Gandy for Signature in Hong Kong

Like any added Gandy female and guy out there, we had been thought (imaginativeness) around convergency David ever since we became fans. We were regularly chatting around where we’d see him and intellection the only chance would be at an LC:M event.

Dolce and Gabbana

When the programme of David’s launch of the Gandy for Sign was free we intellection this was our quantity to not exclusive see David, but also grapple him and perhaps be serendipitous enough to have a render embezzled with him. The closest goal from Country was Hong Kong and we literally plotted to go active a hebdomad before the get affiliate.

On arriver, we saw David gloriously displayed all over the communicate windows and of action the rousing of the get begin to boot in! We decided to see if David’s grouping was already out on the shelves but alas, apart from his prescribed M&S clothes on occasion, there were no Gandy for Sign items on presentation. We scooted sanction domicile, ragged but fevered roughly the day that would hour; the day we would finally be competent to correspond David himself.